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Jingjin and Rotation: The Pericardium and Liver Channels

The Channel-Sinews (Jingjin) of the Pericardium and Liver Channels rotate the pelvis, ribcage and shoulder girdle

Pericardium Jingjin
Pericardium Jingjin Torso
Take a look at the channel-sinews of the two jueyin channels. In Chinese medicine, the jueyin channels are the pericardium channel and the liver channel. Both of these channels wrap around the body and perform rotation. Let's first look at the pericardium jingjin. It involves the serratus anterior, but it also continues to wrap around the torso to link with the rhomboids and connects with the contralateral side to connect with the splenii muscles of the neck. This interpretation of the channel is influenced by the spiral line described by Thomas Myers, author of Anatomy Trains.

The serratus anterior is part of many channel-sinews. It exerts its influence as part of the pericardium channel when it protracts one shoulder girdle while the other shoulder girdle is retracting, in other words when the shoulder girdle rotates.

Pericardium Jingjin Arm

When looking at the upper extremities, the pericardium jingjin includes the pronators of the forearm (pronator teres and pronator quadratus) and also the adductor of the arm, the coracobrachialis. Collectively, these muscles can all work together to pronate the forearm, adjust the position of the humerus and protract the scapula; all motions employed when pushing in activities like martial arts training or any activity which would require pushing with force. 

What happens when rotation goes beyond just the upper extremities and shoulder girdle. In this case, the pericardium jingjin links with the liver jingjin which includes the external oblique and crosses over to the opposite side adductors (particularly adductor longus, brevis, pectineus, and gracilis). This entire jueyin network would be active when there is rotation in the shoulder girdle, ribcage, and pelvis; all regions involved with the third exercise in the video in the top of the post. .

Pericardium and Liver Jingjin
Pericardium and Liver Jingjin
Beyond mobilizing the pelvis, ribcage and shoulder girdle, it is also the case that these rotational patterns move and massage the liver and pericardium organs to increase circulation and health. 

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