AcuAnatomy: Channel Theory & Pathology II

Updated Syllabus: AC 404 Acu II Course Syllabus 2015 Lau.docx

Link to download Freemind for Assignments. General instructions for using Freemind are below. Also, click on the link to see a sample for the Lung channel. When you outline the chapters, include any relevant information from lecture that will help you assimilate this information.

  • Highlight a cell
    • Insert key will make a new daughter cell
    • Enter key will make a new sister cell
    • Special features like clouds can be found in 'Insert' on the menu and 'Format' has tools to change color, etc.
    • Look at the 'Help' file for more information beyond the basics.
  • Sample Assignment for the Lung channel
  • Netter Images relevant to Lung channel (must be logged into email to view these.